ColourPop and Jeffree Star Liquid Lip Update & Review

Hey everyone! Welcome back! Today I’m here to update you guys on two of the lipsticks from my Liquid Lipstick Haul/First Impressions I did a couple weeks ago. The two I will be talking about today are Vice from ColourPop and I’m Nude from Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

First I’ll talk about Vice from ColourPop.

I was excited to try out ColourPop when I ordered this because I had never tried any of their products before. People love the affordability of this brand and the quality. This color is described as “a pale warm nude – your newest guilty pleasure.”

I personally wasn’t incredible impressed with this particular color. For me the color just goes on streaky and I feel like I need a lot of product to get the results I want. It’s definitely a beautiful color and maybe this one just isn’t working for me. I would say that besides the streakiness of this color, I really like the formula. I think it’s really long wearing and pretty transfer proof. I’m definitely going to order more ColourPop products soon and try them out to make sure it was just this color.

ColourPop’s liquid lipsticks retail for $6.00 which is an amazing price, and the reviews on the website have an average rating of 4/5 so I would say it’s definitely worth the money to pick this up. I haven’t worn this one that much but I look forward to using other ColourPop products in the future.

Next up is I’m Nude from Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

I was also really excited to try this product out because I’ve heard great things about his products as well. Even though these are on the higher end price range, I thought it would be worth it. I’m Nude is described online as “This light-tan based nude can be wore alone or with your fav lip liner. She’s versatile” and says that  it “goes on opaque, dries completely matte and stays on for hours.”

I would say that’s definitely true. The formula on this product is really great. Easy to get the color payoff you want, definitely dries down matte and is surprisingly comfortable to wear. When I first got the package I was a little skeptical because the color that applies initially out of the tube is really different from the one it dries down to. It goes on pretty pink but dries down to a really great nude color. I’ve been wearing this one a bunch and it makes me excited to try out more of his products.

This product retails for $18.00 online which is pretty average for a higher end liquid lipstick and I think it’s worth it. If you find a color you love on his website then I would definitely recommend picking it up. For some reason (either there aren’t customer reviews or my computer’s just being weird) I can’t give you guys the average customer review online. All I know is that I’ve heard great things about his products all over the internet and I would definitely agree when it comes to this liquid lipstick.

I know I did a full review on Candy K by Kylie Cosmetics in a different post than this but I’ll just summarize everything here:

I like Candy K the best out of the three, then I’m Nude, then Vice. For me Candy K was the easiest to apply, most true to color, and very long wearing. I’m Nude was also a great color but a little bit deceiving in the bottle vs. dried down on the lips. Vice didn’t work out great for me because of streakiness, but I think it might just be because of this color. Overall, all three of these liquid lips are beautiful colors and worth their retail price.

Let me know in the comments down below if you guys have tried these brands out and what you think! I’m interested to know if my experiences are similar to yours or not.

Thank you guys so much for reading, and I’ll talk to you soon!



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  1. you can really tell the difference in the swatches when it comes to streakiness! i love colour pop shadows, but their lip products have been really hit-or-miss with me. i still want to try their metallic collection!

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    1. rachelscosmeticsreviews says:

      I haven’t tried the shadows but I want to! I haven’t heard great things about the metallics but I’ve also heard that some are good some are bad. Seems like that’s true with most of their lip products!


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